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Sophonts are seemingly living organism-like objects capable of self-reflection which are aware of their own existence. Known sophonts are humans, elves, dwarves, Gods, Demi-Gods, and Womb-Gods. The first sophonts outside of Gods were humans. The exact mechanics of sophonce are unknown and widely debated across many branches of science.


Sentience is the simplest form of consciousness, it is an organisms ability to sense stimuli. All organisms are to some degree sentient, although it is generally agreed upon that some organisms are more sentient than others. Animals possess a higher form of sentience than plants, but both are sentient. Sentient organisms may also be sapient, which is to be able to ponder on decisions and come up with solutions by interpreting incoming stimuli. After sentience is sophonce, the ability to understand that you are alive, to think about yourself and reflect on experience, it is the ability to be critical of oneself, to consciously make efforts in good.


The processes which create sophonce are unknown, but it appears to be greatly complex. Philosophy seeks to reflect on the fundamentals of existence, knowledge, and mind. Psychology is focused on the study of mind and behavior amongst living things. Both of these sciences are greatly important to the study and understanding of sophonce.

There have been many proposed ways on how sophonce arises and works, many focused on the idea of Gods. One prevailing philosophic theory is that nature itself is sophontic, that the interactions which take place within reality give rise to a sophontic body, Ancient Philosopher was the first to propose this idea. Theogenesis picks up the work of philosophers in Formation Theory and proposes that Gods, stars, and mythril are nature pondering and thinking, they are incarnate nature.


Sophonce is believed to have first arisen alongside the first Gods, Life and Death. It is not entirely clear if Life and Death are sophontic, but it is commonly believed they are based on their children, the Gods of Matter, Energy, Time, and Space, who are sophontic. The plane would not see any beings with sophonce besides Gods until the year 442bt with the invention of humans by the God of Porous Rock.

The Human Minds star would be created shortly after the unveiling of humans by Porous Rock. The star would raise a small system, with various Gods discussing the plausibility and innerworkings of a sophontic being like humans. Humans would go on to create dwarves, raising more debate amongst the Gods as to how sophonce like this arises. The Dwarven Star System would explode with investigation into the legality, plausibility, and mechanics of humanities action.

In the year 421bt elves would arise too, created by the God of Penguinone. Elves minds would repurpose the bodies of plants to create new sophontic minds.

Relationship with Animals and Plants

Sapients have, throughout history, domesticated and simultaneously led to the extinction of numerous organisms.

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