The Encyclopedia Mysenvaria is a comprehensive collection of literary works by numerous scholars. Published by Academy Publishing the Encyclopedia Mysenvaria is only possible because of the help of countless scholarly occupants from across the civilized Plane. Academy Publishing has worked diligently to gather as many historians, biologists, astronomers, cartographers, doctors, and adventurers to diversify our cast of editors and writers.


The encyclopedia has been divided diligently by taxonomists into five distinct categories, each organized into a multitude of sub-groups. Dive into the arts, explore the worlds rich history, experience diverse cultures, discover exotic geography, or delve into biology. Tailored pages like our indexes, the timeline, or Godly lineage graph also serve as great places to begin exploring the different faucets of the Plane. The entirety of the world as at your fingertips!


Art is one of the quintessential activities that sets sophonts such as humans, elves, and dwarves apart from other animals. Art is any activity partaken in that uses creativity and imagination, a feature thought of to be lacked by many organisms.

  • Cuisine, modifying the composition of food for the purpose of improving taste, color, smell, nutrition, or other attributes;
  • Literature, written works of fiction or non-fiction made for complex communication of concepts or ideas;
  • Music, sounds combined and arranged in purposeful and methodical fashions for the purpose of entertainment;
  • Performance, theatric activity performed for an audience;
  • And games, competitive or cooperative activities wherein individuals compete against or work with each other to attain a goal.


The science of living things, organisms. Whilst the sciences are already categorized under culture biology, due to its monumental size, garners its own category separate from other studies. Biology is also organized differently than the other topics of the encyclopedia, separated into two sub-groups;

  • Disease, depictions and descriptions of infections, defects, or otherwise illnesses which negatively impact the function of an organism, the fruits of the study of medicine.
  • Taxa, all organisms and their respective evolutionary groups. A taxon is a group including one or more populations of organisms with defined similar features.


Culture is the customs, activities, and makings of societies, not the societies themselves.

  • Beliefs, ideas and concepts which individuals and populations believe to be true;
  • Ethnic & cultural groups, populations that identify with each other due to shared heritage, beliefs, or languages;
  • Events & holidays, periods of time recognized by populations to be for specific practices and customs;
  • Languages, systems of organized communication;
  • Occupations & trades, types of work individuals participate in to contribute to societies;
  • Organizations, groups of people with clear organized structure that work for common goal;
  • And science & technology, organized research and development which further knowledge or society.


Geography encompasses everything related to the physicality of the Plane. Mountains, lakes, rivers, nations, cities, roads, and more are all classified, documented, and organized under geography.

  • Abstract Features, non-physical geographical features and includes national borders;
  • Artificial Features, created geographical features, like settlements or monuments;
  • Natural Features, naturally formed geographical features, like mountains and rivers;
  • Stars, celestial objects disconnected yet intrinsic to the world;
  • and resources, the available materials of the world used by societies and organisms in production.


History is the whole of the worlds past and present and works to document people and events.

  • Biographies, descriptions and explorations of the lives of sophonts;
  • The God-War Era, a history of recorded events occurring before the year 1at;
  • The Post-War Era, recorded events which occurred between 1at and 609at;
  • The Golden Age, recorded events which occurred between 610at and 1214at;
  • And lastly the Modern Era, recorded events which occurred between 1215at and the present day.

Our Mission

The Academy Publishing Company has sworn since its inception to provide nothing but utmost unbiased fact. We work with only credited scholars from across the plane and have since our creation nearly two-hundred years ago. Founded by Sir David Attenborough nearly two-hundred years ago Academy Publishing was founded on a pursuit of knowledge, to bring together people regardless of nationality, race, or even species.


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