The God-War Era is the earliest era of history recorded by historians, often defined as being the time between the first death of a God and the signing of the Harmonic Treaty. It is often considered to be one of the most well-documented eras of history because of the stars which document much of its events. More stars can be dated to the God-War than all the other eras combined. Most historians and scholars attribute the God-War with having been one of the most brutal and bloody periods of history, with estimates for deaths at the beginning of the God-War ranging in the billions.

The God-War is often split into 3 epochs by historians, the Early War Epoch, Mid-War Epoch, and Late War Epoch. These three epochs are characterized by the changes in the environment of the war that took place when they set in. The Early War Epoch lasted from approximately 651bt to 523bt, from the beginning of the war to the creation of plants. The Mid-War Epoch would last from 523bt to 273bt, starting with the creation of plants and ending with the birth of Charles Lightningson the first Womb-God. The End War Epoch would be the longest of the three and began with the birth of Lightningson and would end with the signing of the Harmonic Treaty marking the beginning of the Post-War Era.

While many events across the war are documented in stars, and thus dated, many stars contradict one another, especially in the early years of the war. Astronomers have worked with our historians to try and create the most accurate description of events across the war as possible.


Prehistory is defined as the period of time before the beginning of the God-War. It is unknown how long prehistory lasted for, considered to be a dark age by astronomers and historians. The Gods of Life and Death were the first Gods to exist; their domain encompassing all existence. Documented in the First Epoch Star Life and Death created the Gods of Matter, Energy, Time, and Space who would go on to join the duo and create the Plane.

Matter, following the creation of the Plane, subdivided their domain and created the Elemental Gods. This action, documented in the Birth Star, would prove enticing to two other members of the creation quadrinity and Time and Energy would go on to follow in the footsteps of Matter. The Gods of Past, Present, and Future and Gods of Energy Types would be created by the two respectively. Later, Energy and Matter would work together to create the Gods of Material States.

The actions of Matter, Energy, and Time would spark the Quickening, an event documented in Bernie’s Star System wherein the newly born lesser-Gods began subdividing their own domains and creating more Gods. This event culminated into the first death of a God and the beginning of the God-War.

God-War Era

Early War Epoch

The first death of a God was interpreted by many Gods as a threat to their own lives, a reminder of their own mortality. Gods would begin fighting, cramped and scared, war would break out. Death’s Star System quickly scattered across the sky as Gods panicked and discussed action.

Shortly after the event a small gathering of 17 Gods would be formed, The First Convening led by the God of Fulgurite they would all be summoned for having something in similar, they had all witnessed the first death of a God. The group would be summoned to discuss what they had saw. Documented in the Afterlife Star one of the members, the God of Chromodynamic Energy, would conclude that there must be an afterlife and the belief of an afterlife by the Gods would see its inception.

The war would primarily consist of lesser-Gods fighting and killing each other, but more notable events including higher-Gods would occur. Lesser-Gods, during the early years of the war, would claim their physical and natural territories and defended them vehemently. Because of these new claims, some of the highest casualties of the whole war would occur.

The now-invisible Great Oceanic Crater would be formed around 587bt in one of the first major battles of the war documented in the First Crater System. A dispute between the God of Carbon and God of Calcium over their natural domains would end in Carbon attacking Calcium and the crater being created. Both Gods would come out of the event alive, but other lesser-Gods would not.

With such a large area of land completely vacated Gods from around the crater would scatter and fight over claims. Eventually the casualties would force the hands of Life and Death and the First God Council would be held. A truce between all Gods would be enforced and discussions would begin, but no decision would be reached and the war would continue on.

The God of Hydrogen Cyanide, inspired by material discussed during the council, would invent plants in 523bt as a means of autonomous warfare. Plants would be quickly adopted by countless Gods across the Plane and debates would erupt, forming the Plant Star System. In the coming years plants would grow to cover the whole of the Plane and their designs would explode with creativity and ingenuity as Gods adapted, adopted, and iterated on them. The creation of plants would mark the beginning of what historians call the Iteration Period.

Mid-War Epoch

Some Gods would seek ways to combat plants more efficiently, animals would be the fruit of their labor, capable of clearing plants autonomously and at speeds unseen previously. Animals would not be invented by one God, but instead were invented convergently by multiple Gods. Stars like Carbonprint and the Mitosis Star System detail the creation and iteration that occurred for animals during the war.

By 478bt animals, like plants, would inhabit all parts of the Plane. Gods, still seeking improvement, would invent the first organism of mass destruction around 476bt and shift the whole war at this point. Organisms of mass destruction would be encoded in ways that other Gods could not recreate them. Noxious gasses capable of killing any organism not encoded by the same God would spew forth. This event would flood the Mitosis star system with debate and debacle and adaptation would ensue.

Many of the Gods who had invented these organisms would pass away, and by 454bt the Plane would return to its semi-stable state. By 442bt humanity, the first highly intelligent autonomous lifeforms, would be created by the God of Porous Rock. Located to the southwest of the Great Oceanic Crater humans would quickly spread across the central Plane. Humans were special not just because of their intelligence but because of their ability to fluently speak a simplified God Tongue.

Humanities creation would only cause more debate amongst Gods, sprouting Alex’s Star System and Humanity Recycled. Debates regarding humans would become so heated that in 440bt Life and Death would call for the Second God Council which would pass the Creations Act forcing Gods to slow down with their creation of new animals. Humanity would go on to become a vital part of the war, creating dwarves in 426bt. Gods would investigate how and why dwarves were created and discuss the legality of an action like this in the Dwarven Star System.

Humans would have another unintended side effect, giving rebirth to the Afterlife System as Gods would begin to once again discuss an afterlife. A division would quickly form between Gods who believe in an afterlife free to all living things, and Gods who believe in an afterlife which only select individuals could enter.

The first religions would be born from this, and humans would begin practicing them. The creation of these religions would also inadvertently create a conspiracy. The Greater God Conspiracy would see inception and gather a small cult-like following of Gods. The conspiracy posed that Life and Death were working alongside the Creation Quadrinity to prolong the war so as to cull the lesser-God population and make more room for the higher-Gods. It would never gain wide-spread appeal

The God of Penguinone in 421bt would be struck by an ingenious idea and the creation of elves would ensue. Documented in the Elven Star System was Penguinone’s documentation of their creation alongside a defense of their legality. The star would be flooded with debate, creating the star system known today. Created to function as spies, hijacking the plants of other Gods territories, elves would spread across the Plane at unprecedented speeds.

In the east the God of Tectonics would spark conflict with the God of Water regarding mortal-God relations. Water would attempt to sway Tectonics away from their relationships, but unfazed, Tectonics would continue as they had for the past 15 years. Water, fearing what could come from such a union, contacted Matter but found themself ignored. Irritated, Water would take matters into their own hands and slay Tectonics. The two would create the binary Lover’s Stars in the process. The whole event would raise tensions in the east and south and following in the footsteps of Tectonics more Gods would partake in mortal-God relations.

In the year 388bt the first Demi-God would be born, Josh Soundson son of Dwarf Soundwife and the God of Sound, marking the beginning of what historians call the Lover’s Period. The birth would shake the philosophies and ideologies of many Gods and mortals alike. Matter, with the help of Life and Death, would hold the Third God Council to discuss the relationships between Gods and their creations. The council would reach no consensus and would disband having done nothing.

Documented in stars like Mortality Revisited and Two Breasts alongside systems like the Relatives Star System Mortal-God relations would continue to rise until 337bt with the holding of the Fourth God Council. Time and Space would force the passing of the Relations Act during the council, stripping Gods of their ability to feel anything for mortals. This would mark the end of the Lover’s Period and the end of consensual mortal-God relations.

Relations between the Elemental and Compound Gods was stretching thin and by 335bt the God of Sodium had caught wind of a plan by Water, the God of Trioxidane, and the God of Hydrogen Peroxide to expand their territories. The God of Hydrogen and God of Oxygen would create the Apology System wherein they claim they have the situation under control but are put under scrutiny by other Elemental Gods. Nothing would be heard from Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, or Trioxidane during the duration of the Apology System.

Sodium, alongside Calcium and the God of Iron, would attempt to speak to Matter but would find themselves ignored. Desperate for action Sodium would visit the three Compound Gods on the new years of 335bt. A fight would erupt and Hydrogen Peroxide and Trioxidane would die, Water escaping amongst the chaos. The summer of that year would be characterized by the beginning of the Great Flood which would last until 321bt. Amidst the flooding all the Elemental and Compound Gods would be summoned by Matter and the Elemental Act would be passed to prevent future incidents.

In 306bt an elf by the name of First Elven Elder would become the first Elder, rooting themself into the ground somewhere in the east of the Northern Continent. This would be documented in the Elder’s Star by the God of Sodium Ethyl Xanthate who would become vital to ending the war.

The God of Weather and God of Lightning would enter a dispute over each other’s natural territories and in 286bt the two would create the Northern Mountains. Ten years later, in 273bt, the deceased God of Lightning would give birth to Charles Lightningson, the first Womb-God. Following their birth the Fifth God Council would be held by Life and Death in an attempt to end the war but would once again prove unfruitful.

Late War Epoch

For over 150 years the war would continue, but no major events would unfurl until 161bt. In a disagreement between Matter and Energy the Eastern Archipelago would be formed. Documented in the Effigy Star it would be the first incident of fighting between two higher-Gods in the whole war. With God populations decreasing it was only a matter of time before higher-Gods became targets. Documented in stars like Population Zero and the Census System the population of Gods across the Plane had plummeted and was nearing extinction.

Another disagreement would break out around 118bt, this time between the God of Plutonium and Time. Documented in the Half-life System the two Gods would create the Southern Crater Scape and split the land bridge which connected the two continents. This event would cause the signing and passing of the Spatial Act and indirectly lead to the death of Dwarf Soundson in 69bt. Following their death the Sixth God Council would be organized by Life and Death in an attempt to end the war. However, unsuccessful, the war would be nearing its end as the population of Gods continued to decrease.

In 37bt votes to end the war would nearly become a majority when Charles Lightningson created the Great Tear in a territorial dispute with human wizards in the south. The tear would indirectly cause the death of First Elven Elder and Sodium Ethyl Xanthate alongside other minor Gods and people. In their dying moments Sodium Ethyl Xanthate would create the Plea Star asking for the end of the war.

The actions of Sodium Ethyl Xanthate would cause debate amongst Gods and lead to the creation of the Ending Star System. 37 years later in 0bt the Seventh God Council would be held by Life and Death and a majority vote would end the war and create the Harmonic Treaty.