The Gods of Past, Present, and Future, sometimes referred to as the Time Trinity, are Lesser Gods created by the God of Time as a way to subdivide their domain. The three operate very similarly and often appear together rather than apart.


The time trinity were created during Prehistory, before the God-War. The three Gods were created by the God of Time, following the God of Matters creation of the Gods of Elements. The three Gods appear rarely throughout recorded history, mentioned in few stars.

Of the stars they are mentioned in, they often appear as signatories to contracts and not documented in physical altercations. The time trinity appear as signatories on the Spatial Act, agreeing not to interfere with time.

The time trinity are documented in a few places outside of stars too. One of the most famous appearances of the time trinity comes from the Golden Age, when Time Wizard Man manipulated time with a spell during an experiment. The experiment did not result as expected and the time trinity followed shortly after.


The time trinity, like other powerful Gods, appear as the viewer interprets them as looking. Some recorded sights of them call them clockwork construction, others as shrinking or growing plants. Because of their inactivity there are not many records of interpretations of these Gods.

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