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The Gods of Matter, Energy, Time, and Space, also sometimes referred to as the creation quadrinity, were the first higher-Gods to be created, born from natural subdivision by the Gods of Life and Death. The creation quadrinity are among the most powerful Gods but often choose to stay out of conflict, sometimes leading to them being called negligent or uncaring. Like other Gods of similar nature the quadrinity often act together in sync and as one.


God-War Era

Documented in the First Epoch Star, around 690t, Life and Death would create the creation quadrinity. Tired of their power Matter would go on to subdivide their domain, creating the Gods of Elements. This move would inspire Time and Energy to follow, creating the Gods of Past, Present, and Future and Gods of Energy Types respectively. Energy and Matter would later work together to create the Gods of Material States.

The creation of these lesser-Gods would spark the quickening, an event recorded in Bernie’s Star System. The quickening would lead to stress amongst Gods and eventually culminate into the first death of a God. This would mark the beginning of the God-War Era, indirectly caused by the actions of Matter. For this reason Matter is often even to the modern day blamed for the God-War.

In 337bt Time and Space would call for the Fourth God Council due to ongoing mortal-God relations. Time and Space would force the other Gods to sign the Relations Act into law stripping Gods of their ability to feel for mortals and ending the Lover’s Period.

Following the actions taken by Time and Space in 321bt the God of Water would be summoned in front of Matter during a small council between the Gods of Elements and Gods of Compounds. Water would be made to answer for their actions regarding the Great Flood during this meeting resulting in the writing, signing, and passing of the Elemental Act, restricting the rights of the Elemental and Compound Gods.

In 161bt a disagreement between Matter and Time documented in the Effigy Star would lead to the creation of the Eastern Archipelago. By 118bt another disagreement, this time between Time and the God of Plutonium, would erupt and result in the creation of the Southern Crater Scape. These events would mark the latter end of the God-War.

The creation quadrinity would appear for the first time together at the end of the God-War during the seventh and final God Council. The quadrinity would go on to vote for and sign the Harmonic Treaty before dispersing once more.

Post-War Era

Golden Age

Modern Era


The creation quadrinity are often described differently from description-to-description. Encounters With The Quadrinity is a widely accepted and academically acclaimed book by Author of Encounters With The Quadrinity which details and dissects multiple descriptions of the quadrinity from across history with sources ranging from diaries to stars to scholarly papers. (Author) concluded that the quadrinity must appear differently to different viewers, dependent on interpretation.

According to the book the most widespread versions of the quadrinity among humans and dwarves see Matter as made of surrounding materials, Energy as a bright light, Space as a nearly-invisible being, and Time as a figure moving backwards and forwards at the same time. Among southern elves the largest difference is often seeing time as a plant growing and wilting.

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