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The God Councils were a series of related gatherings of a majority of the Gods during the God-War Era. Initiated by higher-Gods each of the councils were highly important and changed the tides of the war. The councils are each recorded in their own stars created by the initiators.

The councils would prove necessary multiple times throughout the war and would be influential in creating the laws of nature which are known today. Laws like the Creations Act and Relations Act would only come into existence because of the councils.

First Council

The first council would be held following the first major battle of the war. A dispute between the God of Carbon and God of Calcium would lead to the creation of the Great Oceanic Crater. Neither of the Gods would come out of the fight mortally wounded, but other neighboring lesser-Gods would not have the same luck. A great local migration would begin, with many Gods seeking refuge in local friendly territories where they could rest.

Watching the aftermath of the event in 587bt the Gods of Life and Death would call for the first council to discuss possible ways to avoid events like this in the future and even possibly bring an end to the war. No consensus on ending the war would be reached, however many Gods would agree that catastrophic events like this should be minimized in the future. After the holding of the council Life and Death would create the Truce Star to document the discussions.

The first council would be massively influential to the future of the war, not because it caused any truces or agreements to form between Gods, but because it would lead to important inventions, the most notable being life.

Second Council

The creation of organisms like plants and animals would prove unfathomably important in the war, and later creations like organisms of mass destruction and sapients would serve only to further these inventions. The second council would be held to discuss these inventions.

Once again held by Life and Death the second council would end in the passing of the Creations Act. Fearing for the balance of the Plane the God duo would bring up prevailing issues with these new organisms to the other Gods. Their words would not be taken lightly and a majority of Gods would agree something would need to be done, leading to the passing of the Creations Act in 440bt.

The new star would legally bind all Gods. It would not force them to stop creating new organisms, but would create strict regulations regarding how organisms should operate and how Gods should go about creating them. Questions regarding the act would arise in the year 426bt when humans would create dwarves.

Third Council

In the year 404bt the God of Water would bring great attention to mortal-God relations after they killed the God of Tectonics for holding these kinds of relations. Following this event mortal-God relations would reach an all-time high, leading to the birth of Josh Soundson, the first Demi-God.

The birth of Soundson would start the Lover’s Period, seeing the birth of numerous other Demi-Gods. Matter, with the help of Life and Death, would call for the holding of the third council in the year 386bt. Matter, feeling guilty after having ignored Water’s pleas, feared for the integrity of natural law and balance. The council would end having reached no consensus and Gods would continue to hold these relations. The council would be documented by Matter in the Failed Love Star.

Fourth Council

Matter would again call for a council in the year 337bt, still feeling responsible for ever-growing population of Demi-Gods. An epidemic had began because of negligence, and the council reached a consensus, passing the Relations Act and ending the Lover’s Period. The passing of the Relations Act meant the end of consensual mortal-God relations, as Gods were stripped of their ability to feel for mortals.

Fifth Council

After a dispute between the God of Weather and God of Lightning the Northern Mountains would be created. A group of humans, migrating west, would happen upon the corpse of Lightning. Nonconsensual procreation with the corpse would lead to the birth of Charles Lightningson, the first Womb-God. As debate would break out amongst the Gods about the ethicality of this event Life and Death would call for the fifth council in 272bt in an attempt to settle the war.

The council would be unfruitful, but many of the Gods in the north would go on to pass the Anti-Womb Agreement, agreeing to keep these kinds of mortal-God interactions to a minimum.

Sixth Council

With declining populations each fight between Gods would become more tense. A fight between the God of Plutonium and the God of Time would break out in 118bt, spliting the two continents, leading to the passing of the Spatial Act, and indirectly killing Soundson in 69bt. This would all culminate in the holding of the sixth council by Life and Death, but would again prove unfruitful.

Seventh Council

The God of Sodium Ethyl Xanthate would go on to rise to fame in the south, gathering together and forcing a group of southern Gods to pass the Human Protections Act in 286bt. A dispute between a group of wizards and Lightningson would lead to the creation of the Great Tear, killing countless people including the First Elven Elder and Sodium Ethyl Xanthate. In their dying breaths Sodium Ethyl Xanthate would create the Plea Star, calling for an end to the war.

The actions of Sodium Ethyl Xanthate would lead to the creation of the Ending Star System and 37 years later, in 0bt, the seventh council would be held. A majority vote would be cast to end the war and preparations would be made. Gods would consult and debate and shortly after the Harmonic Treaty would be passed, ending the God-War and marking the last of the councils.