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Biology is a scientific branch focused on the study of living things. It is an umbrella branch, encompassing a number of other fields such as anatomy, zoology, physiology, taxonomy, paleontology, and immunology. Biologists use a great diversity of tools to study the number of different aspects each of these fields cover.



Taxonomy is the branch of biology that focuses on the classification and organization of organisms, the most widely used and accepted system of classification is tri-criterial classification. This system classifies organisms based on 3 criteria; diet, body plan, and historic niche. Most importantly of these 3 areas is body plan, where organisms are classified as either being incapable of locomotion (a plant) or capable of locomotion (an animal).

Tri-criterial classification is not the only way to organize organisms, however. Evolutionary classification was created to classify organisms by conceptual evolution. Evolutionary classification says that Gods built upon the concept and idea of organisms as they created them during the God-War, and as such organisms can be organized by evolution of ideas. This type of classification combines many fields of biology, including bioastronomy, paleontology, and genetics, and is still an ongoing and growing form of classification.


Biohistory is the study of organic history, including the creation of organisms and their historic use by Gods. Biohistory combines fields like bioastronomy and paleontology to form accurate predictions as to the original function of organisms. Biohistory proposes that plants were the first organisms, created by the Gods to serve as autonomous territorial definition, defending and fighting each other without the input of the Gods. The concept of plants would evolve in complexity and become animals, now capable of autonomous mobility they were utilized by Gods as a way to not just fight for land but for real power.


Genetics, anatomy, and physiology are a few of the many fields of biology which focus on the makeup of organisms, both physical and not.


Sociobiology and ecology are two fields which focus on the behavior and interactions of organisms both amongst themselves and their environments.


Medical biology is the study of disease at a biological level, it is not to be confused with medicine, which is the applied knowledge of medical biology. Medical biology, and medicine in general, was one of the first practiced forms of biology, occurring as early as the formation of the first city-states during the God-War.



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