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The Encyclopedia Mysenvaria is a collection of non-fiction encyclopedic works written and published by Academy Publishing since 1313. It is currently on its third edition, the longest and most comprehensive edition thus far, spanning 18 volumes including an index, 7 micro-article volumes, and 10 macro-article volumes. It’s predecessors, the first and second edition, paled in comparison to the grandeur of the most recent publication.

The Third Edition Encyclopedia Mysenvaria is a first of its kind work. The first edition, hand written by the founder of Academy Publishing Sir David Attenborough and published in 1313, consisted of only two volumes. By 1393 the second edition would release, nine volumes in length it had nearly quintupled the size of the original work. Today the print is consistently updated and is on its third edition.

With more than 1,500 collaborators and a crew of almost 100 dedicated full-time writers and editors the Encyclopedia Mysenvaria remains one of the most accredited encyclopedic works across the Plane.



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