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God Tongue is the language of the Gods, a linguistic embodiment of nature. True God Tongue exists only as a written language in the form of stars. Studies and explorations into how the Gods speak exist, such as in Encounters With The Quadrinity, The Nature of Gods and Speech Amongst Nature. Humanized God Tongue is a family of languages created by mortals which attempts to approximate from stars what a spoken form of God Tongue may sound like.

Humanized God Tongue’s serve as the foundational bases for the astronomical sciences, such as astronomy and wizardry. Astronomers may translate stars into easily readable scripts and wizards may use spoken tongue to manipulate nature. The Great Astronomy Foundation is considered by many, including the Encyclopedia Mysenvaria, to be the leading source for information regarding God Tongue’s phonology, grammar, and vocabulary. Documentative works like The Phonological Directory of Gods Tongues and The Fourth Edition Natural Lexicon will be used as the bases for information regarding these details.


The exact phonology of God Tongue is greatly debated, as interactions between Gods and mortals has been little-to-none, especially with the advent of modern sciences. Organizations like the New Inner Rainciv Astronomy Council have performed inquiries into the nature of Gods and their language, giving rise to events like the summoning of Carbon and the exploitation of Iridium. These events, while considered reckless by many within the astronomical community, have advanced the understanding of God Tongue considerably.

There are 5,209 phonemes currently understood and generally agreed upon to exist within God Tongue’s phonology. The arbitrarity of these phonemes is not currently understood but some scientific groups are interested in developing the current understanding of why exactly God Tongue uses these phonemes. Scientific works like Gods and Phonology and the The Phonological Directory of Gods Tongues serve to organize and catalogue the various phonemes of God Tongue. The Phonological Directory of Gods Tongue is considered to be the most up-to-date catalog of phonemes in God Tongue.



God Tongues numeral system serves as the basis for much of the language’s morphology. God Tongue uses a binary numeral system, where the value of each bit is a power of 2, starting from the rightmost bit.

  • 1 is represented as 0001;
  • 2 is 0010;
  • 3 is 0011;
  • 4 is 0100.


Nouns in God Tongue are written as their elemental composition and arrangement of elements. For example, a bar of pure Gold may be defined as:


However, this can become much more complex very quickly. Astronomers can spend years attempting to transcribe the details and specifications of certain nouns, for instance the work of Sir Isaac Newton in Capturing the Natural Essence of Chair where he creates a star indexing types of chairs and seats and giving them unique words. Stars like these are known as index stars.

Before the writing and signing of the Harmonic Treaty index stars did not exist and each star sent into the sky by Gods defined each and every one of its nouns in a preface section at the beginning of its transcription. The act of creating these noun definitions appears to be trivial for Gods.


Because of the way nouns are defined in God Tongue adjectives are normally represented within the noun itself, for instance in the previous gold bar example we intuitively know the traits of the gold bar, it’s shape and composition are portrayed to us already. Adjectives can be added to objects, though.

Index stars may describe adjectives which can be added to the nouns which they define, these adjectives are also defined very similarly to nouns and describe how those adjectives can modify the original object. For instance, the rusted adjective applied to an iron bar may detail the exact changes in chemical composition.


Actions in God Tongue are defined much the same as nouns and adjectives in index stars. Alternatively, like nouns and adjectives they may be defined as one speaks.

In God Tongue tenses may be applied to verbs as participles, defining when an action occurred they are attached as prefixes and suffixes to verbs. The time that the action began is stated in the number of seconds, as defined by the Harmonic Treaty, since or when it will occur. This is attached as a prefix. If the time is unclear it may be stated as a range or as an unknown factor. Defining how long an action lasts for is done as a suffix, but is not necessary.


The Fourth Edition Natural Lexicon is the largest and most up-to-date God Tongue dictionary. Consisting of


The written form of God Tongue exists in the form of stars.

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