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The Plane is the infinite and nearly-flat expanse which the known world resides upon. The exact vastness of the Plane is unknown, but it is presumed by many scholars to be infinite.

Although the Plane may be infinitely vast, only a small portion of it is actually habitable. This portion extends from the Plane’s central pole to around 8757.84km out, to what is known as the edge. About halfway from the pole to the edge is the harmony line, an approximation of the average path the Harmonic Treaty takes. From the harmony line to the pole is the area known as the inner circle, and outwards from the harmony line to the edge is the area known as the outer ring.1

Prior to the God-War the habitable Plane is believed to have been larger than it stands in the present day. The reasons for the change are unknown, but following the signing of the Harmonic Treaty, the extent of the habitable Plane would shrink to the size seen in the present day.

At the edge of the Plane resides a thick fog which, as referenced in the First Epoch Star, is believed to be the Gods of Life and Death.


It is unknown whether or not the Plane was created by the Gods of Life and Death or whether it too has existed since the beginning. It is believed too that when initially created the Plane was truly flat, with no imperfections. It would not be until early into the quickening when the first imperfections would appear in its surface.

The Plane would be shaped into how we know it today through the events of the God-War; the corpses and battles of the Gods forming and sculpting the terrain. The first of such events, a dispute between the God of Carbon and God of Calcium, would create the Great Oceanic Crater.

The creation of plants, in the year 523bt, would also be a turning point in the geologic history of the Plane. Plants would inadvertently work to break up the top layer of earth and create soil. While plants had already established ecosystems across the Plane they moved incredibly slow, the creation of animals would speed up these ecosystems.





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