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Humans were the first highly intelligent fully autonomous conscious animals to be created by the Gods. Designed by a small group of Gods and eventually created by the God of Porous Rock humans would go on to become fundamental to the God-War, changing the tide of the war and become one of the most successful organisms ever.

Humans are responsible for the creation of the dwarves.


God-War Era

Humans would be created by the God of Porous Rock around 442bt. Porous Rock, the God of Carbon and the God of Hydrogen Cyanide would document the creation of humanity in the Humanity Created System. Porous Rock, inspired by the earlier creations of both plants by Hydrogen Cyanide and animals with the help of Carbon, would contact Hydrogen Cyanide and Carbon and propose the concept of humanity.

Humans would first appear in Porous Rocks territory, southwest of the Great Oceanic Crater. Their creation would not remain unnoticed for long, as neighboring Gods would quickly begin to civilly attack Porous Rock in Humanity Recycled. The ethicality and use of humans would become highly debated and Humanity Recycled would grow to become one of the largest star systems. Other Gods would begin adapting the human design, debates between Gods would continue to grow heated and soon the Gods of Life and Death would call for the Second God Council passing the Creations Act in 440bt.

Humanity would create the dwarves sometime around 426bt, leading to the creation of the Dwarven Star System wherein Gods would investigate the creation and legality of the dwarves. The God of Penguinone, inspired by topics discussed in the Second God Council, would create elves in 421bt. The Elven Star System, created by Penguinone, would detail the creation of the elves and defend their legality.

By 411bt notable small human-dominated city-states would appear, scattered across much of the Plane. Many of these cities would live under the protection of a God or Gods, despite this though many would still see collapse before the end of the century and all before the end of the war. In the north Athens, Babylon, and Eridu, and in the south, Jerusalem, Memphis, Sextown, Sidon, and Uruk would be the most notable of the city-states.

The close proximity of mortals and Gods would lead to relations deemed unethical and naturally incorrect by many Gods. The God of Tectonics would share such relations. Located in the eastern city of Sextown, Tectonics would be watched closely by a neighboring God, the God of Water, who in late 404bt would confront Tectonics and attempt to sway them away from these relations. Tectonics would ignore the words of Water and continue with their relationships. Water, fearing what could come from such unions, contacted the God of Matter, but would be ignored. Water would take matters into their own hands, slaying Tectonics. In their battle the two would create the binary Lover’s Stars. This event would raise eastern and southern tensions and lead to more widespread mortal-God relations.

In 388bt, following the birth of the first Demi-God, Josh Soundson, a spike in the birth of Demi-Gods would occur. Three human Demi-Gods would be documented in Two Breasts, Demi-Human, and the Forever Alone system. By 337bt Time and Space would hold the Fourth God Council and force the passing of the Relations Act ending consensual mortal-God relations.

Following the events of the Great Flood in 321bt many of the great human city-states which were not rested upon the continental Plane would find themselves destroyed, flooded by the God of Water. The flood would divide the world into the Northern Continent and the Southern Continent, although the two would remain connected by a massive land bridge. This event would also see the rise of the God of Sodium Ethyl Xanthate, who would vehemently fight for the rights of humans, elves, and dwarves.

By 286bt the God of Weather and God of Lightning would enter a dispute, creating the Northern Mountains and simultaneously wiping out all major human-dominated city-states across the entirety of the Northern Continent. One of the last remaining human tribes in the north would later go on to give rise to the first Womb-God, Charles Lightningson. Desperate for some form of change, Sodium Ethyl Xanthate would force a large number of southern Gods to sign the Human Protections Act.

Late into the year of 161bt, in a disagreement between Matter and Energy, the Eastern Archipelago would be created. The archipelago would go relatively untouched by humanity, instead giving way to a flood of dwarves. A few minor human tribes would find their way onto the islands, but few would sustain.

In 37bt Charles Lightningson would create the Great Tear in a territorial dispute with a hunting group from the southern city-state of Ur. The tear would destroy the entirety of the city and create a great vertical gash across the entirety of the Plane. The actions of Lightningson would lead to the death of the First Elven Elder, Sodium Ethyl Xanthate, and other undocumented Lesser-Gods. This event would inadvertently lead to the end of the war.

Post-War Era

The end of the God-War meant the signing of the Harmonic Treaty and the end of God-backed city-states. Gods would no longer interact with humanity like they had previously. Surviving groups from the befallen city-states of the War would attempt to rebuild and roaming tribes, no longer entrapped in constant battle, would begin constructing their own settlements.

Some of the first notable civilizations to develop would be human-dominated, developing close to major coastal rivers. Gods would watch the rise of these civilizations from a distance and document them in stars like the Watchers Star and New World System. Sometime in the late 10’s Betorn would form at the southern end of the Great Tear. Remaining survivors of Sextown would create New Sextown on the banks of the Eastern Tropical River, followed by the Deltatown on the eastern edges of the Eastern Mediterranean Delta. Early into the 40’s the last of the major Outer Ring civilizations would develop, known as the Western Mediciv on the banks of the Western Outer River.

These would not be all though, the Inner Circle would give rise to two more notable civilizations in the 60’s, the Inner Rainciv along the Southern Crater River and the Southern Deltown at the edges of the Southern Crater Delta.

These civilizations would all see the rise and invention of new and complex scientific concepts like mathematics and astronomy, alongside inventions like writing, weaving, money, and pottery. Many of these civilizations would communicate and trade by sea and river. The domestication of moose in the Outer Ring would increase trade and communication between cities with improved transportation. As many of these civilizations grew some would attempt to move northward, but documented in stars like Humanity Lost, the Great Northern Deserts and remaining massively destructive organisms would end any attempts.


Golden Age

Modern Era




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