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The Gods of Life and Death, also sometimes referred to as the fog, are the two oldest and most powerful Gods. Life and Death preside over the natural divisions of life and death; since everything lives and everything dies the duo are considered the most powerful of the Gods.

Life and Death are responsible for the creation of the plane and the first higher-Gods, the Gods of Matter, Energy, Time, and Space. Life and Death are also indirectly responsible for the creation of all other Gods. Like many higher-Gods Life and Death operate in tune with one another, often in sync and as one.


Life and Death, unlike other Gods, are documented in only a handful of stars throughout history. More often than not, many of the stars that mention the duo are legally binding stars, such as the Elemental Act, Spatial Act, Relations Act, and Harmonic Treaty. For this reason, many of the stars that mention them may be dated back to the God-War Era.

Life and Death are only known to have written one star, the First Epoch Star, which documented their creation of the plane and their creation of the creation quadrinity. This star dates back to prehistory, before even the beginning of the God-War. Life and Death are subsequently mentioned in the First Epoch Star which was written by the creation quadrinity. Life and Death can also be found mentioned in a few stars amongst the Bernie’s Star System, which was also created before the beginning of the God-War.

Life and Death are thought to have been primarily hands-off during the God-War, having not interacted besides to be buffers between powerful Gods and in attempts to end the war. The duo were present for each and every of the seven God Councils but were only responsible for calling six of the seven council meetings.


As per the Harmonic Treaty Life and Death always exist at the edge of the plane as a thick fog. Few have travelled to the edge of the world to see the duo and those who have explain it as an enlightening journey.

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